Books by Herbert Prikopa
All books are published in German.
Strauß-Führer durch Europa und die umliegenden Ortschaften
Strauß-Führer durch Europa
Ibera-Verlag, Wien, 2004
This book investigates the connections the Strauß family had to other countries, focusing on the European countries and cities, but also finds connections on other continents. The book covers dedicatees from other countries, the personal travels of the Strauß-Dynastie and titles of their works, which refer to foreign countries. Of course there are also many pictures in this book.
Die Wiener Volksoper
Die Geschichte eines notwendigen Theaters
Zum 100. Jubiläum
Ibera-Verlag, Wien, 1999
In this book, the history of the Vienna Volksoper is chronologically shown. The author personally experienced the last 50 years as a member of the audience, member of the Volksoper and an Honorary member of the Volksoper. His personal memories are tightly weaved into this book. It is historically and at the same time very amusingly written. There are many historical pictures included in this book.
Erich Kunz
Erich Kunz Buch
Biographie des Sängers
Löcker-Verlag Wien, 1994
This is a biography of a famous baritone from the Vienna State Opera, Erich Kunz, written together with Cornelia Szabó-Knotik, a music historian. This book includes many pictures from his private collection of Erich Kunz and his family.